Slushie Maker

Slushies are amazingly refreshing on a hot summer’s day. Nothing comes close to the feeling of that heavenly flavoured ice sliding down your throat. Swirling the Slushie around inside your mouth before swallowing it is almost as enjoyable as swallowing it!

The problem most people have is that Slushies are only available from fairs and festivals now days, where a small Slushie will cost you at least £2! So Why not buy your very own Slushie Maker? Gone are the days when you needed a whole separate room to store one of these machines, and a bank loan to buy one! The new Slushie Maker means that everyone can enjoy that refreshing Slushie taste in the comfort of their own homes!

The Slushie Maker is a neat table top machine which will make you your very own Slushies whenever you want! You don’t need any special ingredients or tools, check out the Slushie Maker Instructions for an overview of how to make your very own Slushies.

The best thing about having your own Slushie Maker is that you can make whatever flavours you like! Whether it be fruity Slushies for the kids, or a frozen cocktail for the adults the Slushie Maker can make it for you. Experiment with whatever you want, why not try tea and coffee? Even making the Slushies is fun, watch through the clear mixing drum as the ice is turned into a fantastically refreshing Slushie!

No matter what flavour you decide on, your new Slushie Maker is ideal for making a Slushie to relax with in the evening with, or for entertaining a party of friends. The Slushie maker is so simple to use, and one you have tried these cool icy drinks once you will be hooked on them!

Slushie Maker Features

The Slushie Maker features a 2 litre container, drinks holder, drip tray, recipe book, and will turn your favourite sugary drink into an ice cold Slushie!

Looking For A Slush Maker Or A Slushy Maker?

As you may have guesssed there are a few different names for the same thing here. The most popular is Slushie Maker, however it can also be called a Slush Maker or a Slushy Maker. They are all the same, so dont worry, if your looking for a Slush Maker or a Slushy Maker, your in the right place!