Slush Machine

Looking for a slush machine? Why not take a look at our new retro slush machine. Unlike most of the machines available, this tabletop version wont cost you a fortune to buy or run and only take up a fraction of the space of a traditional slush machine.

There are so many advantages to the retro slush machine over a full size industrial machine, including being able to make single portions rather than having to make up 10 litres of slush at a time! Not only can you make smaller portions, but you can make any flavour you like with the retro slush machine!

Simply pour in your favourite sugary drink and watch as the slush machine turns it into a irresistible ice treat! You can even make ice tea, with real ice, or if your looking for a party piece for entertaining then the slush machine can be used for creating alcohol drinks as well! Simply create a slushie with your favourite sugary drink and then add the alcohol to it after.

The idea’s are quite literally endless! You dont need to wait for the fair to come, or to go to the beach to have a slush drink anymore, nor do you have to decide between “Blue” or “Red” slush, you can have whatever flavour slush you want, whenever you want thanks to the slush machine!