Slushie Maker Instructions

Making a delicious ice drink with your new Slushie Maker is as easy as 1,2,3!

Slushie Maker Step 1Slushie Maker Step 2Slushie Maker Step 3

1) Add small ice cubes or crushed ice to the centre section of the Slushie Maker.

2) Add salt to the same section as the crushed ice

3) Add your favourite sugary drink to the outside section of the Slushie Maker.

Now simply turn the machine on and wait 25 minutes as up to 2 litres of your drink is magically turned into a tasty ice Slushie. The most difficult thing about your new Slushie Maker, is deciding what flavour to make!

If you want to make an alcoholic Slushie, simply make your Slushie as you would normally but add the alcohol to the drink after it has been dispensed from the machine.

Slushie Maker Tips!

Sugary drinks will freeze faster and produce a thicker slushie. Low sugar and carbonated drinks will take longer and not produce as thick drinks. Sugar free carbonated drinks will not work.

Chilling your drink before putting it into the Slushie Maker will speed up the process or making your slushie.

Don’t operate the Slushie Maker for any longer than required. If after 40 minute the drink still hasn’t frozen, it probably means the drink isn’t suitable for using. Do not continue to use the machine.