Slush Puppy Machine

We have had quite a few emails asking if this really works like a Slush Puppy Machine. The simple answer is yes! Our Slushie Maker works in exactely the same was as a proper industrial Slush Puppy Machine, except its a smaller table top version and unlike a Slush Puppy Machine, you can put any sugary drink you like in it! You can still use the same syrup as they do in a Slush Puppy Machine, but you can also tip in Coca Cola, Fanta, Lucozade, Energy Drink, Vimto, Anything, and it will turn it into an ice cold Slush Puppy style drink!

If you but the proper Slush Puppy Machine syrup you really wont be able to tell the difference between one made with our Slushie maker and one you bought made in a Slush Puppy Machine, its really that good!

To buy a proper Slush Puppy Machine you will be looking at around £1000 for a second hand machine and not only are they very heavy and take up a lot of space, they use a lot of electric and take a long take to create a slush puppy. Our Slushie Maker takes up no more space than a blender or smoothie maker, is easy to clean and will create you 3 large glasses or slush in under 15 minutes!

Even if you wanted to hire a slush puppy machine for a party or special event, you would pay more than our slushie maker costs to buy! Then you have it forever rather than just 1 day. Unless you are going to be using the slush puppy machine in a shop or for business we would recommend you buy our retro slushie maker instead.

Retro Slush Maker Discount Code – £5 Off!

To celebrate the launch of our new gift website, we have teamed up with our suppliers and we are now offering everyone £5 off when they buy the retro slush maker! Thats a massive 10% discount!

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Retro Slush Maker Price Update

Due to the massive amount of interest in the Retro Slush Maker, some retailers have increased the price and are now selling the retro slush maker at £59.99! Thats 20% more than what we are selling the it for!

Obviously as we are the cheapest place to buy the retro slush maker now, combined with the amount of press coverage the slush maker is getting stocks are very limited. The retro slush maker is due to be featured on “This Morning” and also in “The Telegraph” as well shortly.

Dont pay inflated prices at other retailers or risk the retro slush maker going out of stock, order yours now!

Slush Maker Released

Despite a original release date of 6th April, the Slush Maker release date has been moved back several times, but has now finally been released!

The Slush Maker is now available for you to buy online for just £49.95 with the option of next day delivery! The Slush Maker will be getting a lot of press coverage over the coming weeks, and as the summer draws nearer, the stock levels of the Slush Maker will start to run short so make sure you order yours now to avoid disappointment.